31.7.2020 - 2.8.2020
3xCACIB + 1xCAC Debrecen (HU)


 judges: Dr.Tesics György (HU), Sergej Vazna (SK), Vladimir Piskay (SK), Kardos Vilmos (HU)

Manwë kennel proudly introduce 4 new CHAMPIONS OF HUNGARY

Manwë champions

C.I.B. Badawi Manwë - Vet.CAC, Vet.CAC, Vet.CAC + BOB, Vet.CAC + BOS

C.I.B. Fumi Skye Manwë - CAC + res.CACIB, CAC + BOS, CAC + CACIB, CAC + CACIB

C.I.B. Hayati Manwë - CAC + CACIB + BOS, CAC, CAC, VG1

C.I.B. Hiru Masawi G´Musana Manwë - res.CAC, CAC, CAC, Exc.3


C.I.B.,VetCh.,GrandCh.,ClubCh.,MultiCh.,JCh. Badawi Manwë ROM (9 years old)

Badawi enjoyed shows very much, although the weather was very hot. She run amazing for such an age. Badawi fulfilled the conditions for the VETERAN CHAMPION of Hungary. As an extra bonus won the BOB and BOS titles

Badawi Manwë

Badawi Manwë