I, The Puppy



All puppies receive a layette - meal for the first days (dogs granulated food or meat and vegetable - depending on what you wnat to feed); an articular nutrition, a tick tweezers; a reflective scarf; a colar and a lead; show puppies an exhibiton lead; a blanket; a toy; a chewy bone; treats; a cloth with a smell of mother and sibs and book as a puppy care - I, The Puppy. I wrote this book for you, for new owners of our puppies. I hope that you find here everything importatnt for a good life with your puppy.


I, the puppy



And here is a little sample:


Before you take me home...

Before you take me home it is necessary to do a few things.

Firstly walk through the whole house and have a look if there is something that could be potentially dangerous for me. For example electric wires, cords of appliances, sharp objects, table cloths and other table dressings that I can easily pull down on myself or places which I can fall in. The best thing is to go down on all four and walk through just as I am going to. Many things may look a bit different seeing it from my point of view. And if we are going to have a garden then do the same there – get rid of all poisonous plants, secure the swimming pool, etc. But make sure that nobody sees you crawling in the garden. I wouldn’t like our neighbours to think that I have a “loony” for a master :o)).

If you have taken away all the dangerous things, then start with the ones you do not want to lose. I am a very curious puppy and like to explore new things really in depth. The best tools I have for it are my little sharp teeth. It sometimes happened that these things can’t be put back together after I have explored them. So if I do destroy something of yours, then please don’t be angry with me, it is your own fault. You should have put it away!


The journey home

So if you have it all ready and I am older than 55 days, you can come and get me.

If we are going by car, take a basket, big enough so it fits on the back seat and could be wedged behind the front seat (simply so that it doesn’t move when you break). Put something really soft at the bottom of it – a blanket or so. Bring spare blankets and some paper tissues, too. I will be used to driving in a car, but I may get sick in it anyway, so you may need something to clean it up and spare blankets to change them so I am in a nice dry place. I should sleep nicely after that, I promise. If we drive for a long time, you will need to stop and take me out to potty. Keep me on the lead then as I may get scared of something and run right under a car.



Make sure the rules between us are clear and do not change them when we “play”. You can add new rules, but you can’t change the existing ones. That is forbidden. When you set the rules, be firm and insist on keeping them the way they were set. I am going to test you if you remember well (especially as a teenager I am going to test you really hard). If your memory is short I am going to abuse it very soon. So be alert and firm and always one step before me. Katka always says that the master must be cleverer than his dog. Are you cleverer than me?


A child and a dog

If we have children at home, please read this chapter very carefully.

I AM NOT A TOY!!! I am not a doll and not even a plush doggie; I am alive. This is the first thing children have to understand.
Please explain to the children that my bed is really only mine and they have to leave me there in peace. I have to have a place which is only my own and where I can hide and rest. And such a place has to stay a no-go for the children.
Don’t ever leave me unattended with little children. They could hurt me and then I would be afraid of them and could even bite them when they scare me or hurt me too much. I am sure you do not want to make the headlines in TV?



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